King of bloviating

I don’t happen to agree with the King of bloviating.

The big Kahuna Bill O’Reilly is defending Brian Williams embellishing his activities in war zones, obviously to make himself look more heroic.

Everyone in the world bull-shits from time to time or stretches the truth but when someone of Brian Williams stature and position overstates his activities there should be consequences, especially under these circumstances.

To get rid of him completely is questionable. For him to overcome an embarrassment as big as this; it is going to be very hard for Williams to acquire the publics trust again.

By exaggerating his actions Williams took away the authenticity from the people that actually are  in harms way on a daily basis.

Is it coincidental that O’Reilly is defending Williams because he was accused of the similar infractions?

The way that O’Reilly attempts to shield  his position is by saying that he and Williams held distinctly different positions as newsmen. O’Reilly claims he is a commentator and not a news reporter. To me, if such a distinction does exist, it is a very thin line.

I think Bill should quit while he is ahead and zip the lip.


Commander and Chief

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