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The bloodhounds are out in numbers

It appears that all of the garbage collectors are coming out of the woodwork to try and catch their counterparts from other networks in a bull-shit story. Guess who is first on their chopping block? CNN now claims that Bill … Continue reading

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Almost beyond comprehension

Obama says world should address ‘grievances’ that terrorists exploit: This has to be one of the most noncommittal, evasive and minimizing the severity of a situation speeches that Obama has made since taking office.  It almost sounded sympathetic to the … Continue reading

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Sad commentary to our society

Geraldo Rivera: ‘Hip-Hop Has Done More Damage to Black And Brown People Than Racism In The Last 10 Years’: Jerry Rivera has it only partially right. There are so many different disturbing influences in our society these days that have … Continue reading

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Talk about going first class!!!

If you got it, why not spend it. Whoever owns this spectacular aircraft has put a new meaning into flying first class.  More power to them. We only go around once in this life; might as well enjoy it. … Continue reading

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This guy is a mental case

Jewish journalist gets hate on videotape as he strolls streets of Paris: Does this guy have a death wish? Exactly what was this numbskull looking for? Did he expect a welcoming committee and a parade? What is he trying … Continue reading

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Must have money to burn

Joe Biden takes his time in deciding on a 2016 presidential run: Message from the to       Joe Buddy; You don’t have a prayer. Give the money that you collect from your supporters to the homeless or a … Continue reading

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Williams and his private side

A couple of rare photos of Lincoln with war correspondent Brian Williams. Contrary to public belief, Brian Williams is a very private person. He has had a many experiences in his life that were never divulged to the public because … Continue reading

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Amazon – Pizza delivery or an enemy drone???

FAA to announce new rules for flying drones: Washington (CNN) The Federal Aviation Administration will announce long awaited rules Sunday governing how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, often called drones, will be legally allowed to fly in the United States for business … Continue reading

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Truth and trust are the key words

Possible deal between Iran and the USA to deal with ISIS: If this deal works out, which I have my reservations about it, it would be the biggest accomplishment in Mr. O’s time in office. That is how important it … Continue reading

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It was the beauty not the booty that counted

The good old days when it was the beauty not the booty that counted!!! (CNN) Supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice’s latest magazine cover celebrates the beauty and longevity of a modeling career that has spanned nearly 70 years. Carmen is living proof … Continue reading

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