Miracles can happen

In a very mysterious way, 32,000 emails have been miraculously found in an IRS targeted probe amid allegations of Lois Lerner’s improprieties while serving as one of the head honchoesses with the IRS.


Last year in an attempt for congress to get some answers from Ms. Lerner as to why conservatives were being deliberately targeted/harassed by her office, they subpoenaed her. She invoked her 5th amendment rights several times, absolutely denied any wrongdoing, claimed all of her email were accidently deleted, her hard-drive crashed and walked of a congressional hearing. Who else could pull a shot like without suffering any repercussions that if they were not solidly connected to the hierarchy?

Now by some miraculous intervention, the lost emails have risen from the dead just like Lazarus did when he come back to life.  We will have to label this investigation of the IRS The Lazarus Probe.

bbbb                 mmm

At that time and still to this day Mr. O claims that the IRS is strictly on the up and up. That swamp land I have is still available.

Being able to lie convincingly is a prerequisite of a lot of politicians and some government workers. They are required to go to school before assuming their positions to hone their skills. In an ideal world that is not the way it should not be.

The good, decent, hardworking, patriotic Americans voters elect these people into office with the assumption that they are going fulfill their positions in a responsible manner.  All we get in return is a lot of clandestine, vague and incomplete half truths or no truths at all.

I think it is a damn shame that there is absolutely no accountability in our government.

I am the first one that recognizes there is some very sensitive information that must be kept top secret for security purposes but on the other side of the coin, the American people have a right to know what is going on in their government on a day to day basis.

By exposing people in the government that are deliberately or maliciously conducting themselves in counterproductive or illegal measures, the voters have a right to know the truth about them. If they are breaking the law they should be dealt with accordingly and not protected by the establishment.

We are all smart enough to know that one lie is usually told to cover another lie and one prevaricator in some incidents is covering up for one of their own.

The word transparency has been misused so many times that it is laughable.

I remember when Obama first took office. In a public speech he made to his cabinet he said; (not verbatim) we as government employees work for the American people, they do not work for us! At that time I was very impressed with his statement.


Commander and Chief

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