Shudda bought a few Cat Houses Kenny

This billionaire’s wife wants $1 million a month after divorce:

Talk about living high off of the HOG. Talk about a high maintenance chick; WOW.

The donor being Ken Griffin and the recipient is his wife estranged Anne Dias Griffin who wants 1 million a month in child support. Hell that is only 12 million a year; seems fair to me.


Needless to say that this extravagant lady’s ambulance chaser is definitely the devil on her shoulder, whispering into her platinum ears. The more the grieving gal squeezes out of the old man the more her ambulance chaser stuffs in their pockets.

Ann Diaz  has to be the most traveled – the highest paying employer – best sun tanned from all of her vacations – well fed – grocery shopping lady and uses more stationary in a month than Staples sells. Take a look at some of her demands on this hit list.

In her suit against her soon to be ex-billionaire hubby, this pampered princess is seeking million a month is for child support. There is not one thing I see on that list that is relevant to her kids support except maybe the groceries. And $ 6,800.00 a month for groceries; what the hell is her little tikes eating that cost so much? That comes out to $220.00 a day for food.  I wonder how much the little ones weigh?

The loving couple said I DO in 2004. The have three kids under 10 years old that Anne has to support in the lifestyle they are accustom to. If she wants to adopt one more,the Commander and Chief is available.

Kenny made his money as a hedge fund manager and is reported to be worth a whopping 24 billion. The million a month Ma Ma wants is just a drop in the bucket to what the old boy has and won’t even put a small dent in the bank account.

It would have been cheaper for Kenny to have bought several houses of ill-repute before he said I do and he could have had  the pick of the litter every-night. He could have even made a profit.


These days this marriage thing is really something. Any couple can date for years and get along perfectly well but as soon as they say I do, usually one of them says I don’t.

I used to be able to tell very easily a married couple from a single couple without knowing them. When a single couple are driving in a car, the girl is sitting right on-top of her Bow’s lap with her hooters pressed against his biceps.  As soon as they get hitched; she is pressing her body solidly against the passengers’ door.

I hope Anne gets what she wants; I hate to see the poor thing struggle.

Get a few of those cat houses Kenny, it will be a lot cheaper in the long run.


Commander and Chief

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