Dump the drones Frank

More drones hover over Paris; authorities investigate:

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Don’t wait too long to investigate Francois, time is of the essence. Put the hammer down right now.

Unfortunately, along with new technologies comes unforeseen risks and potential downsides where the ideas or concepts can be reversed and used for illicit purposes.

Yesterday there were numerous siting of drones flying over Paris, France. According to French authorities they do not know who the owners or operators of these unmanned aircraft are.


The way I see it; the use of all drones should be illegal except for sanctioned military operations throughout the world.

It was one hell of an invention at the time but in the hands of the wrong people these upside down flying egg beaters can spell disaster.

It is a shame that some well intended inventions or ideas are used in negative ways.

Take the computer  and the internet for instance. The inventors of the computer and internet I am sure never conceived that when their ingenious tools when finally perfected would be used for porno – scams – luring people into places where they are robbed and murdered – terrorists groups using it to recruit other psychopathic maniacs and many other negatives that came out of the well intended innovations.

Personally I think the computer and the internet are some of the greatest inventions of all times. Without them the world would not be the same; at this point would not be able to function. It is just too bad that there are devious/evil elements out there that can turn well-intended technology into tools that are harmful and destructive.

Anyone that just has to have a package delivered in under 30 minutes as Amazon’s head honcho is suggesting; they should get their lazy ass out of the house and go get it themselves.


This is one of the reason people around the world, especially Americans are so fat and lazy; technology has made their lives too easy.

Every city, state and federal governments agency around the world should pass a law prohibiting drones from fly except for military purposes. Those that do not heed the word risk having their menacing toy shot out of the skies.


For all intents and purposes the drones over the The City of Lights, if armed with bombs could have spelled disastrous.

I made a prediction way back when that drones would be used for unlawful purposes, like landing on the lawn of the White House. Talk about egg on your face; worse case scenario, the eggs could have been scrambled.


Something’s are better off not being tampered with. As my Grand-daddy used to say;  lasciare abbastanza bene da solo.

Sorry Teddy!!


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