Late again huh fellas???

Days Before DHS Funding Runs Out, The Post-Shutdown Debate Is Heating Up:

What exactly do these mentally deficient politicians get paid for?  There has not been one deadline that I can remember that the DC Duds haven’t come in late on or not at all.

WASHINGTON — TSA agents would remain in airports, patrol agents would still be manning the border and Coast Guard officers would continue monitoring the waters if the Department of Homeland Security were to shut down.

I have said this for years; sports figures and politicians should get paid based on their performance. If that were the case there would be very long lines backed up with both elements dumpster diving for their dinners.


As far as the politicians are concerned; they have months to prepare to vote on the bills to keep our country safe and in good operating order. There is absolutely no excuse for their lack of execution in these matters except incompetence and acting like a bunch adolescents in a school yard arguing with one another.

Commander and Chief

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