Rather tenuous for the Big Guy

CBS staffers dispute Bill O’Reilly’s ‘war zone’ story:


They are coming down on O’Reilly in a big way. If their allegations are true or not I really don’t know. The one guy that knows for sure is sticking by his story to the hilt.

I have always been of the opinion that if someone has a certain degree of humility in their character and they take a tumble, some of the dissenters will have a little compassion for the person. On the other hand if the person in question is of an arrogant nature, when they fall overboard their fellow passenger will throw them an anchor instead of of life jacket. Need I say more!!!

If it was one guy’s word against one other or even two against one, I may consider leaning O’Reilly’s way but; seven against one are very bad odds. If O’Reilly is not being forthright he better come clean; it will be less painful and embarrassing in the long haul.

O’Reilly’s may have had a few moments of CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) or an early case of Alzheimer’s when it comes to his activities in the 1982 riot in Argentina. Seven other journalists who were his colleagues and also in Argentina at the time don’t have the same recollection as Bill. The good old boys are sure doing a Pearl Harbor on their old pal.

CNN: The people all challenge O’Reilly’s depiction of Buenos Aires as a “war zone” and a “combat situation.” They also doubt his description of a CBS cameraman being injured in the chaos.

Another former CBS News correspondent Eric Engberg fired back at Bill O’Reilly on Monday, telling HuffPost Live the Fox News host was “dishonest” and “irresponsible” in recounting his story that he reported in a “war zone” during the Falklands War in 1982.

Billy O’Reilly is a very persuasive and imposing guy with a very popular TV program and much of the time when he gets boxed in he gets his Irish up;  it can possibly be construed as bullying the people he is debating with. Talking loud, waving  his hands and make a lot of noise, maybe he is attempting to scare or intimidate the person he is debating with.

I don’t think that those tactics are going to work this time. There are too many hired guns out to get him.


Take a look back at some the OFFENDERS that lied through their teeth to the very end and in the long run they came out worse off than if they would have come clean from the start.

The guy that gets 1st place for his lying and deception has to be Wild Bill Clinton. I would have more respect for the guy if he had an affair with someone chippie  his age rather than a young starry eyed foolish intern and would have gone to Motel 6 instead of getting it on in the Oval Office.

I think Wild Bill should have got more than his hand slapped for his consistent denial and wrongdoings. Thats politics. Possibly the powers to be felt that impeaching Bill for his actions would do the country more harm than good.

The list is endless of religious people, politicians, celebs, athletes and all of the people that at one time were held in high esteem in the public eye but somewhere along the line they got caught with their hands in the cookies jar or in someone’s skivvies and lied like a rug to cover it up.

Joe Paterno is another great example.  This man threw away his whole career for the sake of covering up for a pedophile.

Another even more significant debacle was Pope Benedict who  had to get out of the kitchen because there was too much heat for him to deal with. Many of the dishonest and unethical situations he was involved in.

Sooner or later the truth is going to come out no matter how loud the accused yells, screams,  stomps their feet and denies any misbehavior.

Although Brian Williams had no other choice in admitting his fabrications right from the start, I do give him credit for taking it on the chin and not denying the allegations. It is over and done with. He is going to do his time in the penalty box and hopefully he can make a strong comeback but I doubt it. Once a guy is hung up on the ropes their opponent will not let them off.


Good example is when Jimmy Hoffa went to the cross bar hotel and gave his job to Fitzsimmons for safe keeping. When Jimmy got out, his buddy was too comfortable in the top seat and didn’t want to give it up. What do you think Les??

If I was a betting man I would have to wager that O’Reilly did embellish his stories but to what degree I don’t know.

Old Italian proverb: se una persona sta per essere un bullshitter che meglio essere una buona e avere una buona memoria

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