Romeo – Romeo – what the hell are you doing?

Gigolo Joe Biden really thinks he is a ladies man.

He reminds me of a guy that I wanted to slap every time I saw him on TV. Richard Dawson who was the host of Family Feud for years.

Each day that he opened the show he paraded his ignorant Limey ass around the stage and made sure that he kiss every female contestant on their lips.

How the hell did any of those ladies know where that nasty mouth of his had been the night before? It is not even certain if the guy used gargled with Listerine before he imposed himself on these women.

There were several occasions where a lady would turn her cheek and Dawson got very indignant.

Now we have a Richard Dawson clone in the second seat that thinks he is God’s gift to the opposite sex.


It is very apparent that some of these ladies were shocked and disturbed by his uncalled for intrusion. Take note of the disgusting on this lady’s face.

Possibly his boss should try to teach what is etiquette and what is not.

I still say that Biden had something on Obama for him to get the tap as VP in 2008.

There is a new Shakespeare play starting in about 6 months on Broadway and the director is looking for a leading man. Hello Joe!!!!


Commander and Chief

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