Whats the rush fellas???

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — A three-time convicted robber who helped engineer the biggest prison break in Texas history was executed Wednesday evening for killing a suburban Dallas police officer while the notorious gang was on the run.

These two adjectives logical and common-sense don’t seem to be in the mindset of some people that write the laws in the USA.

Does it make any sense that people like Donald Newbury are housed – clothed – fed and entertained for 15 years after they were found guilty of murdering a cop and sentenced to death? Not to me.

Especially with the advent of DNA where someone is proven guilty beyond any doubt should any prisoner be pampered for years costing the government 100s of 1,000’s of dollars each?

Donald Newbury and six other inmates broke out of a Texas prison in 2000. The escaped convicts were robbing a sporting goods store when Aubrey Hawkins, an Irving officer interrupted the robbery and was shot to death. To put the icing on the cake, officer Newbury was he was shot 11 times by the convicts.

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Three of the convicts are still on death row sucking up the taxpayers’ money.

It costs approximately $90,000 more a year to house an inmate on death row, than in the general prison population or $57.5 million annually. Again, it doesn’t this make any sense?

In foreign countries; as soon as the person is found guilty they are immediately taken out the back door and executed. All it costs their government is about $6.00 a dollar for each bullet.

Years before DNA was available, unfortunately there were many people put to death that were innocent, that I do not agree with.

We are in the 21 century where technology is available to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt whether a person innocent or guilty. If found guilty, what logical reason can there be to keep the critter around for 15 or 20 years, costing the taxpayers millions, backing up the court system and making the ambulance chaser wealthier than they already are? Door # 3 is the answer. Ambulance chasers getting rich. Appeal for what?

There definitely is a lot of collusion between the guys that wear the robes and their fellow attorneys.

This little titbit  waste of tax payer’s money is just another example of absolute government lunacy.

Dig up Judge Roy “the hanging judge” Bean; he will get the job done.

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