God Bless America

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Mauritanian Journalist is Sentenced To Death For Insulting The Prophet Mohammed:

We can say what we want about the USA but one of the major difference between us and other countries is our freedom of speech.

In the small nation of Mauritania Thursday a man was condemned to death for insulting the prophet Mohammed.

Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir, 28, was arrested a year ago for writing an article about the Prophet Mohammad and the caste system, an extremely sensitive subject in a West African country with deep social and racial divisions.

Mohamed claims his article was taken out of context and has been misinterpreted.

The prosecution asked for the death penalty to be carried out in accordance with Islamic sharia law and recommended he be shot.

We may bitch and complain about our country from time to time and sometimes justifiably but our freedom of speech and the right to express ourselves is always protected and priceless.

People like myself, the Commander in Chief (blogger and chief editor for the Goomba Gazette) that express their opinions on a daily basis would have their heads on the chopping block in a Moscow minute.


I will always continue to say God Bless America. No one does it better than Kate Smith.



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