Can you blame them

The following are some of the perceptions that foreigners have of American people. I think they hit the nail on the head in most of them.

We have some of the most obese people on the planet. The Americans are getting so over weight that there is shift in the balance of the earth. The planet is getting lopsided and starting to wobble like a top.


Everywhere we go and everything we do we are rushing.  Some of us look like a cat on linoleum that is running 100 miles an hour but not even moving.

Big cars – big houses – big everything has become the, trademark for a lot of the WANNA-BEES.  5,000 sq ft house with three people living in it. Quite a few of them have empty refrigerators and no furniture but the DO have a big crib. Not to mention some of the house payments that are 8 – 10 grand a month.No wonder their fig is empty.

Then we have the SUV’s that are status symbols. The bigger the ride the mo-impotant the drive must be.

The commercials on the BOOB TUBE are totally out of control. 5 minutes of program viewing and 10 minutes of commercials.

Another big BALL FROSTER for me is; going to the movies – paying a weeks pay for admission and popcorn and being subjected to watching a Coke -Cola commercial. That is one of the reason I went to the flick was to get away from the commercials.

Kids can’t wait until they are 16 so they can drive daddy’s Escalade – they don’t put in the gas, they just drive them. At 18 they want their independence but they don’t want to work or pay for it.  Then come the legal age of 21 where Junior can now drink legally. The kid has been getting smashed ever since he was 12.

We are bigger tippers then the foreigners. That is a good thing. The servers in the USA depend on their tips because the law allows their multi-billionaire employers to pay the 1.50 an hour.  In most foreign countries the tip is included in the bill. That is why some of their service is so shitty.

Patriotism in our country for the most part is a joke. People only unite after there is a national catastrophe and that lasts for about a week.

The PC thing is this country has ruined it. Lets go back to the 40 ‘s and 50’s when men were men and ladies were ladies. A mans handshake was his bond. Now we better count our fingers when we pull our hand back. Men have turned into women and the women want to be men. I better watch what I say, it may not be PC.

I am the first one that thinks the electronic age is phenomenal  but in some respects it has ruined the country and the world. Many people have become social-introverts, they do not know how to communicate. Texting has set back the younger generation 50 years.



These are some of the opinions that foreigners have of us Americans, mixed in with some of my commentary. In some instances I have to agree with them and in somethings I disagree.

It is curious to me that most of the people in the world can’t wait to come to the USA and share in some of the pleasures and dysfunctional habits we have  that makes us such obnoxious and self-centered people.

On a whole the USA is the greatest place on the planet; although there are several areas that we are falling short that need immediate attention, like race relations – employment – government spending.  These issues are killing the country and a lot of people in it.

What happened to the two cops in NY when  some wack-job assassinated them in retaliation is unconscionable.  This thing better be nipped in the bud or we have just begun seeing a new pattern of violence forming.

Jesse – Albert – I haven’t heard any commentary for you two. At least Mr. O showed his support for the cops.

If cops were not on edge before, you can bet they are now. They are going to be shooting everything that looks suspicious and who can blame them. 99.9% of them are good men out there trying to keep the peace and make a living for their families.

This is another area where the foreigners see Americans as a bunch of over-indulged, gun happy psycho’s. Get the guns away from the criminals and the good citizens would be happy to turn theirs in.

We have a new year coming up in  a few days. My New Year’s wish would be; peace and harmony throughout the world.  It takes a concerted effort on everyone’s part to make this happen.  We don’t have to like everyone and everyone doesn’t have to like us. All we have to do is respect each other.

Realistically, I don’t see it happening. There are too many elements on both sides of the spectrum that will not let it happen because of their stupidity, greed and ignorance.

The USA  and it’s politicians better begin to concentrate on the problems we have in this country before they attempt to straighten out the rest of the world.   Charity begins at home!!

Like Lily Tomlin used to say:



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