Not so friendly Skies

Years back when the public began using air flight as a means of transportation it was very enjoyable and almost mystical.

Now as the airline companies overwhelming greed set in just like the rest of the big businesses in this world, it has become almost a drudgery taking a flight.


The turmoil  starts with making reservations, which happens to be the easiest part of the journey thanks in part to the internet that has made it very convenient.

After the initial purchase is made then the hook comes out where they try to bate their customers with like travelers insurance, car rentals, hotel rentals and everything else under the sun they can nail you with.

Travelers insurance is an absolute No No in my opinion. Recently I tried to cancel a trip I had insurance on and the insurance company sent me a 7 page document to fill out, by my primary doctor, the secondary doctor, the first hospital visit I made for the condition I had and then any other visits I made. Preexisting conditions up to 180 prior to making your reservation are probably the best weapon they have in their arsenal to reject refunds.

I told the agent I talked to that the only thing they neglected to put into their preposterous contract was , if the Virgin Mary was really a virgin and if the person in question ever had leprosy.

Prior to boarding, you may want to change your seat. Even if the seat is empty you will have to pay to “up grade” to get a little more leg room. Upgrading to 1st class is out of the question, unless you robbed a bank before you went to the airport.

Than the security lines in the airports are ridiculously long. Than you get some horny TSA guy that has a slip of the hand when he is patting you down.

Boarding the plane is also a joke.  When the coach passengers are ALLOWED to enter after the 1st class people are seated, they stare at you like you are a subservient in the caste system of India  as you pass by them. You always have one dude that is flashing his Rolex while showing off his store bought new choppers.

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Some of the attendants have the personality of a piranha, although I can’t blame them for some of the pain in the ass people they have to deal with as well as  being underpaid by the greedy airlines.


Get the jar of Vaseline out, here comes the extras once on the plane; pay for a pillow, blankets, pay for extra leg room. The next thing we are going to see are slots on the toilets where we insert coins to use the facility.

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All passengers used to get a decent meal no matter where in the plane they were seated. Now you are lucky if you get a back of mixed pretzels with more than 8 items in the bag.

The miniature bottles of booze were given out for free on all flights. Now the only thing they give you is juice, soda and water but only a half a can they pour into a cheap plastic cup. Soon ice may be a pay item.

These greedy monsters of the air have moved the seats so close to each-other to get extra revenue, I wore out the knees on a cheap pair of jogging pants I had worn.

Now comes the person behind you that grabs the top of the seat every-time he goes to choke their chicken or some kid that keeps kicking the seat throughout the flight.

From my prospective, there isn’t anything that is enjoyable anymore when traveling by air.

It is one big hassle. The once friendly skies are not too friendly anymore.



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