Leave it to the French

Huffington Post

Christian Poincheval Invents Pill That Makes Farts Smell Like Chocolate:

Earth shattering news.

Leave it to a Frenchman to come up with a solution to a socially unacceptable problem that has existed for millions of years.

Some of France’s countrymen have contributed some of  the world’s most fragrant perfume and to the other extreme some of the nastiest smelling cheese.

The most recent discovery concocted by a Frenchman is a pill, that when taken makes FARTS smell like chocolate. What a brain storm of an idea; move over Billy Gates.

The inventor Christian Poincheval, has gone high tech and sells the pills online at pilulepet.com for around $12.50 for 60 capsules.

Along with the chocolate smelling pills, Poincheval’s  has also introduced other pills that will make the social offenders that passes gases smell like roses or violets. Poincheval didn’t leave out our furry little creatures; he made a powder that reduces the passed gas by pets.

There are a couple way of looking at or sniffing out this invention. When the authenticity is taken away from a product or an action, it sort of diminishes its credibility. A fart is supposed to smell like a fart.

It would be that same as if someone one made a pill to take the kick out of a shot of Kesslers whiskey or reduce the nasty taste of liver. Kesslers would not be the bad whiskey it is and liver would not be liver.

What I would suggest, go back to the old way Poincheval and put the smell back in a fart,  a good fart is supposed to be repulsive, that is the way it was intended to be and should not be tampered with.


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