Back to the treadmill

Now that Turkey Day is over, all of the resolution breakers are back at the gym trying to work off all of the bird and the rest of the trimmings they stuffed themselves with yesterday.

I guess that is why people make resolutions so they can break them on special holidays.

It is very tempting and overwhelming  for someone that is “watching” to observe everyone around them stuffing their face with with mashed spuds, cranberry sauce, gravy, turkey legs and white meat, sweet potatoes, hot peppers, corn, dressing, salad and washing it all down with about 4 glasses of Dago Red vino and not over follow suit.

If you are Italian, you may have started off the feast with wedding soup with a lot of green and meat balls in it.

No sooner did Aunt Theresa  pull the 20 pound bird out of the oven she put in a 10 pound ham on LOW so we can stuff ourselves a little more about 1930 hrs.

I always wear my expandomatics on holidays so I have plenty of stretch room hoping I can cram more grub into my already expanded waistline.

While the men retreat to the family room to watch “the game” or take a nap, the ladies of house are back at it washing the dishes, pots and pans getting ready for the next round. You gotta wear a gas mask when you walk into the family room.

We all say we are not going to gorge ourselves again but as soon as 1930 hrs rolls around and the ham is sliced is put on the table next to the hot peppers, sliced tomatoes, lettuce and fresh rolls, all of our willpower and good intentions go out the window that is open that is keep the steam out of the kitchen. Lets face it, the flesh is weak and human-beings are glutton for punishment.

Get back on that tread mill and work out for a additional hour to try and get back to where you were Wednesday. Don’t forget you have to get ready for Christmas isn’t too far off and you will have to do a repeat performance once again.

One thing I have always tried to figure out; how the hell can something so ugly tastes so good??



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