Buffalo – put a call into Sapporo

Maybe the Mayor of Buffalo should put a call into the Mayor of Sapporo Japan and ask if they can borrow their snow melting machine or at least rent it.

Sapporo get an average of 23 feet of snow a year and they do not have a problem disposing of it.

They designed a machine that scoops up the snow, dumps the snow on a belt, the conveyor belt transports the snow to a truck behind the machine that has a gigantic boiler in it. The boiler melts the snow, releases the water and it runs down the curb drains into the sewer systems.


How much can it cost to ship a machine like that to Buffalo, a million dollars or so? It would be well worth the expense for the citizens at the home of the Buffalo Bills where the city is in a dilemma as to what to do with all the snow Mother Nature dumped on them this week.

Leave it to the Japanese to be so creative. Necessity is always the Mother on Invention!


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