Put a spike in it

Sharpless is stoking the fires and priming the pumps:


Take a good look. Sharpless is pointing 1 finger at the people but there are 3 fingers pointing back at him.

I am the first one that deplores violence and its aftermaths. Violence is not the way to “settle the score.”

We are supposed to be a civilized society and some people in this country surely don’t act like it.

Just like with the welfare system we have in this country that has produced millions of Americans “virtual job cripples”; it is the same scenario we are creating with rioting to “settle the score.” Teach by example!!!

Rioting is the wrong message we are sending to our kids. Does this country need to raise 5 more generation of law-breaking rioters or should we be setting an example of letting the justice system “do its thing?”

The ironic part of rioting; these people are destroying property in their own neighborhoods which makes their lives a lot harder. Doesn’t make sense.

I will agree that the system has its faults, sometime excessive,  but that is the purpose of elections, to weed-out the bums and put competent people in office to make sure everyone is on an even playing field.  Although as we know, it always doesn’t work that way.

The USA has some very severe challenges that have to be dealt with or THIS NONSENSE WILL NEVER END!!!!

It is my understanding that Albert Sharpless and some other militant leaders in the black community are gearing up for the “the decision” and getting ready to rumble.

What is that going to solve but a lot of people either dead, injured, businesses burned to the ground, people being thrown in jail and more wounds for the American people to deal with.

Hopefully the right thing will be done by the Grand Jury in Ferguson and everyone will walk away, not crawl, satisfied.

I know it is a rough thing for a parent to live with having their kid shot and killed but did they do enough when raising Brown properly to insure that he lead a responsible life and associated with the right people??

Kids are taught by example. It is incumbent on the parents to set that example. There are some “bad eggs” that regardless of what example is shown to them they will turn out bad. If that is the case they have to suffer the consequence.

From my understanding Michael Brown was a bad egg. He just had committed a strong armed robbery in a convenient store shortly before he got into the altercation with the cop that shot and killed him.  He was asking for trouble and found it.

Is it a possibility that the blame should be shared by both parties involved, to what degree I don’t know, Brown for attacking the cop and the cop shooting him 7 times?

To put this all in prospective; if Brown would have followed the law and did not attack the cop, the whole incident would have never happened.

Let us hope for the sake of the America people,  whatever the outcome of this tragic story is, that it comes off peaceful.

People in foreign countries must think that some Americans are a bunch of aboriginal savages. They may be right!!

The fact that Sharpless is a habitual instigator only for the purpose of enriching  his own coffers and has little to no regard for “his people” is not just my opinion. There are a lot of people out there, black and white that agree with that assessment.

Someone put a spike in Sharpless’s front tire and sow that mouth shut.




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