I let you in – you vote democrat

It appears that the consensus  of opinions regard Mr. O’s determination to give a green light/free-pass/free ride to so many illegals is; he is mounting a tremendous following for the democratic party for years to come.

Who does a pet show the most respect and allegiance to but the person that feeds them? Maybe a slightly poor example but it serves the purpose.

“I will take care of you now, but remember who handed a priceless gift on a sliver platter!”

It is a disgrace that elected officials look out more for their own personal benefits or agenda than for the people that put them in office.  That is not supposed to be the intent of an elected position. It is meant to be the obligation of the politician to work for the betterment of all people.

I think the republicans are in deep shit if something dramatic doesn’t happen between now and 11- 2016.

A large number of people in this country have been on some kind of social program all of their lives, as were their mother, grandma, and their great-grandma. They do not want to see the gravy train run out of steam;  heaven forbid if they may have to work for a living.

Way back when, the social programs in this country were initiated to assist people that were having a tough time get on their feet. Through the years with a multitude of presidents and corked politicians getting their dirty finger in the pie, turned well-intended programs into monstrosities that eventually created generations of “mentally cripple freeloading people.” These programs are so out of control it would be a virtual impossibility to fix them.

There are two important element that “social program parasites” refuse to understand.

#1 They are shooting themselves and the rest of this country in the foot. Sooner or later when the bottom drops out or the proverbial shit hits the fan, they will be the first idiots in line bitching about their situations and asking “what now.”

# 2- We ALWAYS have to “Pay the Piper.” It is a fact of life. There is only so much water in a well and when it is overdrawn, eventually the well runs dry.

Is it inconceivable that only 53% of the good America people pay taxes? The other 47% of the leeches are laughing all the way to the relief line. As over blown as social programs are today, it is not even necessary for the recipients to go pick up their free money, it is either mailed to them or direct deposited in their accounts. How nice it is!!

Let’s see if we can import Julia Gillard or dig up Golda Meir or Margret Thatcher to run this country.  These three ladies have or had a set of big ones and were not to reluctant to make the proper decisions for their countries.

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