Patriotic truckers

In life there are two kind of people “doers and bull-shitters”. In this case the two owners of the “911 big rig” are definitely doers and very patriotic people.

They are the owners and operators of an 18 wheel rig.  Their names are John & Amy Holmgren.  They live in Shafer Minn.

They had the idea for a rolling memorial to the victims of the 9-11 terrorist attack on our country and instead of just talking about; at their own expense they put their money where their mouth is to show tribute to the Americans who died on 911.






bbbb    bbc

This is what the country needs more of “doers not bullshitters”!

A big Semper Fi to them both.       azs


These days they are pulled over by many of the highway patrol guys; not to ticket them but to thank them and get a picture of the “rolling 911 rig.”



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