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Chuck has got his act together

CNN I would say that Chuck has it all together. It is rare that most influential black people will talk about this unpleasant subject; it takes a good strong person with an outstanding personality to take a stand and publicly address … Continue reading

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Killing their customers one bite at a time

KFC goes even bigger on its updated Double Down sandwich: KFC just put another nail in it’s consumers coffins. Kentucky Fried Chicken or more commonly known by the acronym KFC recently came up with The Zinger Double Down King; a … Continue reading

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Double barreled killer

It appears that this nut case had a double barreled issue to resolve. First the guy was a racist; secondly he was a terrorist. His old man isn’t falling too far behind the kids sentiments. The father of the Navy … Continue reading

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Total insanity

Boy, 13, Shot Nine Times for Laughing About Neighbor’s Burglary: This is a case of absolute insanity and the shooter should be locked up in a cage, permanently. The wacked out neighbor of a 13 year old kid Kobe … Continue reading

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She never read a history book

Hillary Clinton: Corporations and businesses don’t create jobs: This brilliant statement came out of the mouth of a lady that wants to sit in the big chair in the oval office.  She certainly knows how to win friends and influence … Continue reading

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Dr. Jack is a hero

Kevorkian: ‘I have no regrets’: Recently Dr. Jack “Doctor death” as some would so disrespectfully label him, gave an interview to Dr. Sanjay Gupta for CNN News. The following bullet points are the highlights of their interview. STORY HIGHLIGHTS Dr. … Continue reading

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No big shocking news

‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ Canceled By TLC After Allegations Star Is Knowingly Dating a Child Molester: For all of the “Bo Bo Beholders” out there that are avid viewers of this trash that TLC calls entertainment, my heart goes … Continue reading

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Never mess with the pissed of pasta lady

Huntington Post Woman Sets Man Ablaze After He Throws Out Her Spaghetti: Talk about a “pissed of pasta lady.” She takes her balls very seriously. This “fiery” Florida woman Melissa Dawn Sellers, 33, is charged with aggravated battery after she … Continue reading

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This is a new day Canada and not a good one

Ottawa Shootings: The Day ‘Canada Lost Its Innocence’: Hold on to your hats my Canadian cousins and start looking at the world in a different light. The days of peace and tranquility are long over. We all know just how … Continue reading

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Ain’t that a kick in the hump!!!!

Cigarette Company Finally Bans Workers From Smoking At Their Desks: No butts about it. Like they say in Tim Buck Too; ain’t this a kick in the dromedary hump.         The maker of Camel cigarettes Reynolds American … Continue reading

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