Quiet an nice stack

Chinese official allegedly hides $33M in bribes:

Go big or don’t go at all.

BEIJING –  Investigators in China have found more than 200 million yuan ($33 million) in cash at the home of an energy official accused of bribe-taking, in the country’s largest cash seizure ever, a senior prosecutor said Friday.

In a way you gotta give Charlie Chan’s cousin a little bit of credit; like 200 million yuan or 33 million US worth. He didn’t kill anyone or stick a gun in anyone face; he just pulled off a great heist and can be referred to as  a “white-collar” shake-down artist and my I say a good one at that.


Wei Pengyuan, deputy chief of the coal bureau was relieved of a mountain of the kick-back cash he had stashed in his home; the money he stole, if stack one on top of the other would reach a height of 750 feet tall.


Chinese officials wore out 16 counting machine while trying to get a final count on the loot.

According to Chinese officials this was all kick-back money Wei accumulate at his crib over a period of years. It is the largest amount of cash ever recovered by Chinese officials in a criminal offense.

You can bet all of your fortune cookies that authorities will find there is more than one fox in the hen house before it is all over.




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