Classless celebs

It is common knowledge that the “working man/blue collar workers” are the most generous people when it comes to tipping.

The following celebs are the cheapest people on the planet and should be ashamed of themselves but they are not.

The people that wait on these very demanding “penny pinching Scrooges” are the same people that support them in their fields and put money in the accounts. Yet, when these stingy “mothers” go out to eat some of them don’t know what 20% is and some don’t leave any tip at all.

It is no wonder why some servers or cooks put a little extra ingredient in the food that is not listed on the menu when they are treated poorly.

nnn                 mmm

According to the Miami News Times these 10 celebs are the worst tipper of the lot. Of all the people on the planet, one would think that these misers would be the most generous. WRONG.

10. Rachael Ray shows up on quite a few lists of measly tippers. “Tipped $1 on a $10 tab”. This low-class broad is only worth about 60 million. That must be why she is so cheap, she doesn’t know where her next meal is coming from.



9. Bill Cosby is ranked #6 on Glamorati‘s list of 34 notoriously bad tippers, and the Cos makes it onto just about every other list too. He is said to have once left a $3 tip on a $350 order. This from a man who preaches about the importance of setting a good example.I have a lot of respect for Cosby for what he is attempting to do for his community but he sure has something to be desired when it comes to social etiquette.Poor guy is only worth about 350 million.


8. Sean Penn and three others had “New Orleans waiters waiting on them hand and foot. The tip left on a $450 tab? Absolutely nothing.

One would think of all the celebs out there that espouses taking care of the poor, this bad ass would be a little more generous to his servers.

This tightwad is worth about 150 million.


7. Mariah Carey is said to have kept a restaurant open late with a very large party. Glamorati, getting its info from the New York Post, wrote, “Mariah and crew were very diva-ish with their demands. Despite keeping staffers jumping and a high tab, no one left a tip.”

Classless broad Carey is worth about 510 million.​


6. Usher is consistently cited as one of the worst tippers, including the Stained Apron‘s 44 tipping “sinners” and the number five spot on the Frisky. “Always tries to get someone else to pick up the bill,” reports More damning is the oft-repeated tale of Usher having once left his autograph as a tip.This low paid piker is worth about 180 million.



5. Jeremy Piven, according to Zimbio, showed up at Nobu in Aspen with a party of 12 — without a reservation. After being seated and served, Piven reportedly told the manager: “Thanks for nothing,” and left a signed Entourage DVD as the tip.

Piven; (I don’t even know who the guy is) is worth about 275 million.  Probably inherited his money.


4. LeBron James comes in at number four on’s list, and perhaps for good reason. Seems he once made a Cleveland steak house stay open until 4 in the morning so he could finish his feast. The bill: $800. The tip: $10. Obviously LeBron is waiting to win a championship and use the windfall for tipping.

The pride of the Cleveland Cavs is very well educated on how to dribble and pass a basketball but this dude missed a few classes when it comes to tipping someone has that waited on him. Those giant hooks in his pocket play hell when the tab comes.

Estimates on the “heavy hitter” is around a half a billion.


3. Barbra Streisand  Babs once “left a $10 tip for a $457 tab.”

Babs is what her close friends call her,  has a net worth of about 340 million. I prefer to call her cheap.

2. Madonna: Madonna and then-husband Guy Ritchie left an $18 tip on a $400 tab.

This piss poor example to all of the young ladies out there, AKA Mrs. Scrooge is worth about 700 million dollars.

I often wondered if the person that named her ever had any reservation about their choice of names. 


  1. Tiger Woods came in number four on Zimbio’s scrooge compilation and was cited on every single list. The reason he doesn’t tip says it’s because he never carries cash.  The tigress is worth more than $500 million 

Did this cheapskate ever hear of leaving a tip on the credit card? Apparently not.

His former “old lady” should have nailed him a few more time in the head with an iron and maybe she would have loosened up his pockets a little.

No one can convince me that these misers do not know any better. They would be the first ones at the bitching rail if their paychecks were a nickel short.

The fact of the matter is; they think they are better than everyone and see the people that wait on them as “underlings/subservient” slaves.

Most waiters and waitresses work their ass off and are only paid about 3.00 an hour and they rely on the tips they make to get them by.

There are books out there on personal and social etiquette that they should be compelled to read before they go out and stuff their faces again.



Buona Petite



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