Run away train with no conductor


Sometime I can’t believe just how naïve people can be. Is it because they are living in a bubble, in a cave, under a rock, on a cloud or because they just refuse to recognize what is really going on around them.

I was listening to Fox News today and newscaster was trying to figure out why in a new study 83% of the American people  are very apprehensive about the future of this country.

The answer to that very obvious question is; most people in this country are just like the ostriches’ that have their heads buried in the sand and don’t want to admit to themselves that the USA has gone to hell in more ways than one. They are afraid to face the truth.

The fact of the matter is that the USA has been on a slippery slope for years and the day of reckoning is right around the corner and possibly too far gone to turn it around.

The question is not which one scenario made the country go wrong; there are almost too many negative issues to list but this is for starters.

The nation debt in my opinion by far is one of the most critical issue that is going to put the final nail in this country’s coffin. I have not heard any of the DC Duds addressing the issue.

When the USA looses it’s position as the international monetary status; (the US dollar was recognized as the most dominant currency in the world used by the majority of countries for their financial transactions) that is when the bottom is going to drop out. The experts say it is inevitable and looming in the darkness.

There are a few countries such as Russia and Japan that have quit dealing in US dollars because of it’s lack of strength, instability and it’s national debt. Sooner than later all of the creditors will be knocking on the door wanting to settle up.

Unemployment – 35.4% of the people in the USA are collecting welfare, the well has run dry  – the wars that we are in that have cost the country trillions – immigration is totally out of hand – the government ineptness – government cover-ups – the Ebola threat (the hospitals in this country are ill equipped and lack the education on dealing with the disease and are having a hard time controlling  one or two infected people let alone if an epidemic ever broke out) – terrorism is at an all-time high; the administration does not know how to handle them or refuses to do so – school shootings are out of control by copycat wackos – racial issues are running wild and some people keep pouring gasoline on the fire – now we have terror groups going around planning to decapitate people in public to make a statement – the list of negative issues plaguing this country have become endless.

So why is a Fox News reporter asking why are 83% of the American people living on edge?

The old saying “nip it in the bud” has been neglected so flagrantly by our government who is supposed to support and protect its citizens that the little tree bud has turned in a forest.

The USA is very reminiscent of the Roman Empire with its rise to power then its fall. Our politicians can be compare to the egocentric, greedy, narcissistic people that ruled the Empire and most of the world at one time. Our supposed leaders are too arrogant to think that same thing can happen to the USA. It is right under their nose.

The approval rating for congress stands at a disastrous 14% or 86% of the people disapprove of congress. Obama’s approval is 41% or 59% of the people disapprove of his job performance. I think the numbers speak for themself. As long as their golf game number are par that is what they care about.

When the collapse does eventually happen; I would like to know which one of the “big shots” are going to take the blame for it. One thing the American citizens MUST insist on;  the politicians that caused the disaster must suffer in the same manner as the “little people” will.  It is about time that their unlimited power is taken away from them.

Remember; they are the same people that threw everyone in this country under the bus last year when the government was going to shut down but made sure their paychecks didn’t stop coming in.  That is absolutely under-handed and un-america.

This downward trend did not start with the Obama administration but the “brush fire” that existing in 2008 when Mr. O conned his way into the White House with all of his preposterous rhetoric and false promises has gradually turned that spark into a monumental forest fire that is burning out of control.

Our once great superpower country is going to follow the law of gravity; “whatever goes up must come down.” It has seen its great and glorious days but then grossly neglected and ignored by the politicians when the downward trend began until it is too late to stop the runaway train that was out of control.

Politics have always been corrupt but I think these days it has reached epic proportions.  If politicians cared as much about the welfare of the country as they do about covering their asses with their perks and benefits we would not be in the predicament we are today.

The benevolence and generosity of the USA, that at one time could afford passing out green backs like toilet paper, has come to bite the country in the butt. Based on our current financial circumstances these high-flying politicians in DC better shut the financial doors to everyone else in the world and begin to focus on taking care of their own.

It is ludicrous to even fathom that any country or institution that is in the financial shape our government is in can continually give away money with impunity, money we DON’T have .

The tombstone of the USA is going to read – “they gave away all their money while their own country was going down the tubes.”

So what is the answer to the Fox reporter as to why are 83% of the citizens in the USA are clearly concerned about the future of the country; the answer should be, “where do I start to explain?”


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