Surprise Surprise

Gomer Pile used to have a saying:  Surprise, Surprise:

Rob Ford wins Toronto city council seat; brother loses mayor’s race:


There is a particular/peculiar type of person or people in this world that love to be abused and beat up. They always go back for more punishment.

This is what we seem to have with some people north of the boarder in Toronto, Canada.

The good people of Toronto had a chance to shit can this court jester permanently from politics who caused nothing but embarrass to the city and its people but after he resigned from his post as Mayor of Toronto he ran for city council and he won by a very easy margin.

This illness that apparently is plaguing Toronto is called masochism.

Definition of masochism: Tell me that it doesn’t fit like a glove.



noun \ˈma-sə-ˌki-zəm, ˈma-zə-also ˈmā-\

The enjoyment of pain : pleasure that someone gets from being abused or hurt;   pleasure in being abused or dominated :  a taste for suffering

During his stint as mayor Rob admitted to smoking crack, was consistently drunk in public, made a fool out of himself and the city more times than Carter has liver pills and refused to step down until he was forced to resign.

It is almost as bad as someone that has been kidnapped, torture and beaten and finally escapes only to go back a few weeks later for more abuse.

All I can say is, the people from Toronto must either have a soft spot for the Ford or a soft spot between their ears.

Who knows; the guy may turn it around and run for mayor in the future. Aye??

All in all I do wish Rob good luck and hopefully a speedy recovery from his diagnosed cancer. He probably is one hell of a guy and the life of a party but I don’t think he is a very good role model for the City of Toronto.

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