West Point makes no points

Report: Army Football Lured Recruits With Alcohol, Women:

There is nothing else that will turn a young, horney studs head faster than some poontang, booze and a stack of free green backs.

Where was I when all of this misbehaving was going on???

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Unfortunately it is against the law to serve underage lads alcoholic beverages, supplying them with “trim” and putting a wad of money in their young and foolish hands but that is exactly what “The Army of One” college did when they were on their recruiting hunt for football players.


If any institution should know the law and have a staunch respect for ethics and morality I would think that the West Point would the place but I guess that it should not be considered a place of “higher learning” based on their recruiting tactics.

It is stunning to me that these foolish people of authority keep making the same mistakes that so many others of them have before. This includes teachers having sex with their student and schools covering up for their law-breaking staff.

I guess they haven’t figured out yet that this is the electronic age and very little escapes the “eye in the sky and Big Brother” anymore.

Even if the electronics fails to bring them down, you know that all of these young men that are having sex with their teachers will, just like a proud gorilla ALWAYS beat their chest and tell the world about it.

What a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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