Don’t get caught with your pants down

Weapons Expert Warns About ISIS Militants’ Supply Of Guns And Ammunition:

How many times have we heard the cliche “nip it in the bud?” Now is the time to get out the sheers and start nipping.

Free dictionary: To nip something in the bud

To prevent a small problem from getting worse by stopping it soon after it starts.

ISIS is not a small problem but a very large threat to the entire world. Their brutality has been compared to Hitler – Stalin – and Genghis Khan only 100 times worse.

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If all of the free countries in the world do not act expediently against ISIS or ISO as some journalists call it (everyone wants to make a statement) there will be consequences like the world has never witnessed before. Their recruiting tactics are legendary and very innovative.  They are attracting people from all over the world to join forces with them.

These fanatics are for real just in case someone hasn’t noticed. They will stop at nothing in an attempt to impose their sadistic mentality and way of life on the rest of the world.

They are growing by the numbers daily, are very well funded and thanks in part to the USA are very well armed. They have commandeered all of the weapons that the Afghans left behind when they “ran for the hills”. Their funding comes from Iran and other sources that want to take over the world.

Liberty news: November 2013

Team Obama Gives Iran $6 Billion in Formerly Frozen Cash in Exchange for the Islamic State’s Promise Not to Develop a Nuclear Bomb.

Is a ridiculous move like this insane or what? I will guarantee that “this gift” of 6 billion dollars plus given to Iran has gone to plot and use against the benefactor, the USA.

I hope that sooner or later and hopefully sooner, our government is going to learn that they have to deal with their adversaries in kind and not be taken to the cleaners and bamboozled  with every move they make.  Deal with them in a language they understand.

All of the contributions the USA makes around the globe trying to buy friendship or suppress the bad guys reminds me of a parent that bribes their kids to behave and without fail it always back-fires on them.

Now is the time to take action against ISIS with a unified force and combined contribution from all the free countries in the world. Even in the long run The Judo Guy and his country are not immune from their terror.

ISIS is not just a threat to the UK or the USA it is a threat to every country in the world. It is absolutely imperative that all countries contribute their fair share of military support or kick in monetarily to suppress ISIS. Because of them the UK has gone to the highest state of terror alert.

ISIS is growing stronger by the day. Every village or military installation they capture, along with their conquest goes all of the weapons and assets.

My DI used to say “don’t wait until the shit hits the fan and then stand there with your dick in your hand trying to figure out what to do, strike first and play for keeps”!

A word to the wise should be sufficient.


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