Maria was a good lady

Maria Fernandes, Who Worked 4 Jobs, Dies While Napping In Car:

According to the headlines this morning the USA has more than 1/3 of Americans in households receiving welfare; many of which are lazy, worthless, free-loaders, thieves that want to go through life with the government supporting them.  That statistic is nothing for our country to brag about.

Through the years the government has made it very easy for these people to collect free money. With the mentality of this administration, it is a hell of a lot easier then it ever was.

On the other side of the coin we have very energetic, hardworking people like Maria Fernandez that died while she was trying to do the right thing by being a productive citizen instead of a government parasite.


The 32 year old Maria Fernandes, 32, of Newark pulled off the road to take a nap between the four jobs she worked trying to make ends meet. She died Monday from a mix of carbon monoxide and fumes from an overturned gas container that she kept in her car.

She was very well respected and loved by her co-workers. One of them stated at times Maria would not sleep for 5 days at a time trying to keep up with her very demanding schedules.

Life certainly is no fair at times. The freeloaders flourish while some ambitious hard working people die trying to do the right thing.

Maria Fernandes should be recognized and acknowledged for being a hardworking, stand-up citizen of the USA whose life ended too early while trying to do what was right. There are not many like her.

RIP Maria

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