The Golden State’s premier Dummy

Headline: California drivers brace for costly new gas tax:

Headline: Jerry Brown: Immigrants, “legal or not, welcome in California”


First this imbecilic governor welcomes all of the aliens in the world to invade his state and the next day he is raising the taxes on gas to pay for his stupidity.  He must be related to some of the DC dudes.

This pot smoking, free-lovin ex-hippy who is the governor of one of the biggest states in the country and probably one of the “brokest” must be back on the weed again.

This numb-skull has sent out and engraved/golden invitation to all the aliens in the world, as he says “legal or not” to take up residence in California. What the hell is the matter with Linda’s X??

Why doesn’t he open the doors to his “private residence” to anyone that wants asylum, take all of his “personal money” (not the state’s) out of the bank and give away all his worldly processions to the illegals?

I think the gov should have his head examined, strapped in a straight jacket and locked up in a padded cell for a couple of years. He clearly has lost his mind.

California as of 0894 today is 424 billion dollars in debt – it is a “B” not an “M”. That equates to almost 12,000 per every citizen at lives on the peninsula. If he thinks the state is broke now just wait until the title-wave of illegals set up shop in his state.

It really is no big surprise to me that a wack job like Jerry got elected again in California by a bunch of other wack jobs. That seems to be the trend with most of the elected officials in all walks of government; vote for the worst candidate on the ballot that is going to give everyone a free ride. Everyone has to pay the piper sooner or later.

It is very hard to feel sorry for the citizens of the ultra-liberal “Golden State” when they continually put people in office that don’t have anything between their ears.

A person doesn’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to figure out that inviting people to party they were not invited to is a bad move. It would be like Walmart opening the front doors of all of their stores on Black Friday and putting a sign on the street, “Come on in; every man for them self”!

Open the doors to the governor’s mansion Jerr and let some of the illegals shack up with you and the family.


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