Brown was no saint

Photo by BF

Let’s call them like we see them. Michael Brown may have had his hands in the air when he was shot by a cop; but that was only after he slammed the cop back into his car and used the cops head for a punching bag. This 6’4 \” 300 plus pound kid is not the saint that all of his supporters claim he is.

Michael Brown

This and other pictures were taken off of Facebook after he was shot and killed.  His partner in the background looks like he is on a trip to Mars.

Was the cop shooting Brown justified? Did he feel that his life was in danger? These question will be answered in a court of law. Hopefully the verdict will be a fair one and there will not be any rioting and looting as a result.

When a person has a bad reputation like Brown did, that in itself gives the altercation a completely different complexion. This was not a kid that was just walking down the middle of the street just to pass the time of day; he was “signifying” after he just pulled off a robbery and roughed up some customers in a convenient store.  He was a trouble-maker, was looking for head-ache that day and found more than he bargained for.

I am not saying the cop is innocent or guilty but based on Brown’s reputation I would conclude it is feasible that the cop had his back against the wall and was very stressed out being attacked by such a big person.  Like the old saying goes “you had to be there”!

I will say; if Brown was walking away backward with his hands in the air  when the cop shot him and the cop was not in any danger, the cop was wrong.  He could have shot Brown once or twice but 6 times is a little overkill.


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