How many different way can a person say worthless?

Surprise Senate highway vote near deadline:

As I am typing this blog smoke is coming out of my ears I am so pissed off at the dead-beat, worthless bunch of payroll thieves that call themselves congress. I so mad I could pull out the rest of my hair.

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Washington (CNN) – Alert: last-minute plot twist on a national issue that may involve your commute.

As the U.S. Highway Trust Fund skids toward an August 1 money shortage, the Senate decided Tuesday to keep the issue in limbo at least a day or two more.

The chamber veered from the course many had expected, passing its own shorter-term fix for the fund rather than agreeing to a House version that would have ended the debate for the year.

If Congress doesn’t agree on a plan by Friday, state officials across the country have said they would have to freeze or cancel hundreds of highway and bridge projects.

How long have these insignificant parasites that are paid big bucks to represent the citizens of the USA had this piece of legislation on their desks? It has to be months.

Incompetence must be a per-request for running for any political office.


I would say that this is a fair assessment.

In my opinion all of the politicians in DC should be impeached; we couldn’t do worse with no-one there. They are about as worthless as worthless could possibly be.

Do they know or care that thousands of people will be out of work if they don’t come up with an agreement on this issue? The answer to the question is “they don’t care”. It is always about them.

I hope that sometime soon I will have something positive to post.

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