The talkers and then there are doers

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In this life there are “talkers” and then there are “doers”. The Acuity Insurance is a very minute portion of the doers in this country.

Patriotism is cyclical thing in the USA. It usually takes a national tragedy before the “fence sitters” come out and show their support.  Patriotism should be taught to kids from the day they are born by their parents and then followed through in all of their schooling years.

What we have in this country are too many spoiled people that take their freedom for granted.They only show their timid support when the shit hits the fan; when the smoke clears they are nowhere to be found. 

Than we have idiots in our school systems, courts and government that  do not see the necessity to have the pledge of all allegiance said in the class rooms everyday like when I was going to school.  These imbassibles  may be too ignorant to realize that without patriotism our country is just another spineless bunch of leaches on the planet that want to live in freedom but do not want to do  their part or show their support to the country.

Every home and business in this country should fly the American flag as a show of respect.

I do a lot of bitching about the government in my blogs but it is mainly directed at the politicians that run it, not the country itself. I must not be alone with the 80% disapproval rating the politicians are getting.

The United States is for the most part the best place on the planet where a man and a women can hang their hats or bonnets and enjoy the freedoms we have without the fear of bombs being dropped on us day and night. Read the news. Freedom should not be taken lightly.

We have people in very high places in our government that have deliberately shown disrespect to the USA and the flag that represents our country. These people and the other dissenters  should be shipped out to one of the countries in this world that put people in the slams people for showing contempt to the flag.

Did you ever watch a sporting event where the some of the “pampered high paid” athletes do not show respect to the flag when the national anthem is being played? What they are doing is “signifying” and think they are making a statement. They are; it is their stupidity.  They should all go to North Korea with Dennis the Menace and see what “The Supreme Leader” is paying athletes these days.

I would like to give The Acuity Insurance a 10 out of 5 star rating for the patriotism they have demonstrated.  Hopefully some of their patriotism will inspire some other companies and the civilian population to do the same.

Semper Fi to Acuity






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