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Who Thinks President Obama Will Be Impeached?

Anyone that believes that Obama will be impeached has rocks in their head. That maybe wishful thinking on the part of some people but it will  never happen.

Number 1; if Babbling Boehner does go ahead with blowing the taxpayers money by perusing a lawsuit to making some ambulance chasers a lot wealthier than they already are by suing Obama, it will only be for show and tell.

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There isn’t enough time left for Obama to serve in office for a lawsuit to go through the USA’s complex legal system. We all know just how fast the USA’s legal process moves unless it is a voted pay raise for the politicians.

Let us be hypothetical for a minute and surmise that this case did get to court. There would be mass riots in this country because all of Obama’s supporters will say the suit was brought on because the prez is black. They always forget the half white part.

With the first go-round in 2008 when Obama ran I don’t think that race was an issue at all. The American people were just fed up with what the Cheney administration did to this country economically and socially.

The second time Obama ran there is no question in my mind that race had a lot to do with him getting elected even though he fell short on his promises big time.

Just like the black councilman in Cleveland that was busted for DWI 4 times and still won the next election.


Does being drunk behind the wheel have anything to do with his ability as his performance as a  councilman? Not directly but indirectly it certainly demonstrates they quality of the person, their priorities and their ability to set good examples. Once Ok; twice maybe but 4 times, come on!

We all know that there are certain people in government, city, state and federal that know they can not be fired and they use it to the hilt.

Let us just hope that 2016 brings about a lot different results than the last 2 elections did. The way it looks now, it doesn’t look very promising.

Boehner; drop the idea of a law suit, put your efforts into doing something productive, try to save the taxpayers a gigantic legal fee and put your nose to the grind stone in a positive manner so the USA can move forward instead of backwards.

If there is one thing you should have learned about Mr. Obama; the more you threaten him the more stubborn he becomes. Almost like the Judo Guy.


All of the name calling on both sides of the political isle resembles a bunch of spoiled brats engaging in a name calling contest. None of you are going to win, you all look very immature and unprofessional.


Its a rap!

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