Sour Grapes for Sweetwater

Biz executives’ pay fines for Florida vet facing eviction over flower pot flag:

Good for the Lear Capitol executives’ and shame on the home owners association Tides Condominium at Sweetwater.

The two senior executives for Los Angeles-based Lear Capital read a story about 73-year-old Larry Murphree, of Jacksonville, whose homeowners association began hitting him with fines of $100 a day last year for violating his homeowners association’s flag display rules, and have offered to pay the bill which has climbed into the thousands. Larry had an American flag in his flower pot.

They read about the vets’ dilemma with the anti-American association and decided to pay the fine for Larry.

Along with Lear Capital founder Kevin DeMerritt, the executives paid the $8,000 plus another $2,500 for tax adjustments.

I can understand associations having rules and regulations to keep their properties in order but to “outlaw” the American flag is completely un-American.

It doesn’t surprise me that the other residence that live in the condo development didn’t support Mr. Murphee. So much for patriotism.

People forget what our flag symbolizes and at what cost it has been fought for.

I give Sweetwater two thumbs down for their lack of respect of the American flag.


I give Mr Murphee and the Lear execs two thumbs up for the patriotism.



and a big Semper Fi

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