Biggest rip off on TV

Biggest rip off on TV:

There must be gold in them there nuggets to sell at $15.00 a pound, plus one additional pound free if you order right away.

The bleeding would not  not as bad if there were 10 or 15 pounds of seed in the bag but $15.00 for one pound (one free) of seed is outrageous.

They claim the one pound of seed will cover 250 sq. ft.  Anyone that has ever planted grass knows that one pound of seed doesn’t go very far if sown correctly.

As a “special gift offer” to the sucker consumers, “if you order today” they will throw in another pound of seed so you will have enough to cover 500 sq. ft.

To put the icing on the cake (read the small print) it cost $ 7.99 for shipping and handling.

Then to really grind it off in your keaster for easter when these benevolent grass sellers are offering a 25 ft Pocket Hose for a Separate Fee of just $9.99.

So here is the total damage if you are sucker enough to place an order with Grassology. Get the Vaseline out kids.

14.99 – original order
7.99 – shipping and handling
9.99 – for second pound of seed and hose.

$32.97 for two pounds of grass seed and a 3.00 hose.

Buyer beware: Read the small print.

Bob Vila should be ashamed of himself for being a spokesman for this rip off of the day.


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