Dick Cheney is a dangerous person

What’s your name baby?

I think that government intervention in most cases is totally out of line but the Icelanders have taken governmental control to a new level.

It appears that a 10-Year-Old Icelandic Girl Denied A Passport Because Her Name Is ‘Harriet’

Harriet Cardew was denied a passport because her name doesn’t conform with the “approved list” of 1,853 female and 1,712 boy names set forth by Leaf Erickson and his crew.

Icelandic laws state that unless both parents are foreign, they must submit their name choice to the National Registry for approval within six months of birth.

The Icelandic “name picker” committee would sure have a field day in the USA with all of the unusual names kids are given by their wacked-out parents these days.

Retired Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Rips Dick Cheney:

He Isn’t Immoral, He’s Amoral!!!!

Retired Army Colonel: “Dick Cheney Is A ‘Dangerous Individual’”


Colonel Wilkerson must be reading my mail. I have been saying that Dick Cheney is an evil person for years.

Cheney’s lust for power and wealth have been in his forefront ever since he served with GWB’s daddy.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson has no doubt that Dick Cheney is bad for the country, but there’s a question of the exact nature of his villainy, he told HuffPost Live on Tuesday.


Amoral definition:
1. without moral quality; neither moral nor immoral.
2. lacking or indifferent to moral standards, criteria, or principles.

I call him a war-monger.

Referee Dies After Being Punched at Soccer Match:

What is the answer to stop having the referees getting attacked and sometimes killed by the athletes or pissed off fans at sporting events, put the Nation Guard at these events to prevent such hostility?

Somehow the authorities have to take control of these situations and punish these attackers to the fullest extent of the law.

A man who was punched in the head over the weekend while refereeing an adult-league soccer match in suburban Detroit died Tuesday.

John Bieniewicz who was attacked and punched in the head Sunday at a park in Livonia when he tried to eject a player Baseel Abdul-Amir Saad, from the game. Bieniewicz died later at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

It seems that many of the players, coaches and fans have forgotten what these activities are supposed to represent; a SPORT. The places where these sports activities take place are sports facilities not the Roman Coliseum.

The kids that witness this type of behavior are most certainly going to mimic this type of out of control violence.

Court to Reconsider Barry Bonds’ Felony Conviction:


Someone got to one of the judges. Celebs are not bound by the same set of rules as the ”little guys”. Money talks and s–t walks.


Check out this before and after and tell me Barry didn’t illegally indulge!!

‘Hot Mug Shot’ Felon Signs With Agent For Modeling Contracts:


As “The King” would say; “only in America” can being a criminal be rewarded with popularity and success.

Some knuckle-head agency is going to capitalize on this bums  good looks and make him a star.

Speculation is the modeling gigs will take place from behind bars. If the authorities approve of this, it will be a double-mockery to our once powerful judicial system.

Security increased on flights to U.S.

Does anyone but me see anything wrong with this picture?


The imbeciles at  TSA have approved the carrying of small knives on board planes after they were banned for a couple of years. Why, I couldn’t tell you.

Fox News
February 5 2013
TSA allows knives on planes, flight attendants union calls decision ‘dangerous’

Now they are worried about the security of flights in the USA. HELLOOOOOOOO!

“Man verse food” Adam Richmand may soon be known as Adam Poorman:


After losing 60 pounds on a questionable weight loss program a lady criticized the veracious eater in a text stating the program Richman used saying it was dangerous.

Adam who apparently has an eating disorder (I would have never guessed that) got pissed off at his critic and told her in a text to “draw and bath, get a razor because no one would miss her”.

For all of you slow people out there, he told her to commit suicide.

Richmond had a new show starting today but it was immediately cancelled by the network because of his out of control rant.

What’s for dessert Adam???


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