Obama sending more troops into Afghanistan:

There sure has to be a lot of “whore deals” going on in the back rooms of politics. So much for a total pull-out Mr. O. Does the USA’s commitment ever expire? Are we ever off the hook?


Greedy Mothers

GM certainly may be an acronym for “Greedy Mothers” the way the one-time #1 car maker in the world covered up a problem with some of their car’s ignition switches that eventually caused many accidents and deaths.


Now that the Greedy Mothers back is against the wall they are forced to make settlements to the families of the dead and to the injured. The settlement are never enough but I hope they get gouged.

It should be considered a criminal offense to purposely cover up lethal details such as this and the decision makers should be held accountable. Never happen.

In the last 10 years the Greedy Mothers recalled an average of 21.9 million cars a year and still managed to make a hefty profit. What does that tell you?

This latest recall that they were forced to make is going to set them back 1.2 billion dollars. Pocket change to them.

This is an example of big corporate logic. If all the law-suits combined cost us 2 billion to settle but we can make 6 billion by ignoring them, guess what dirty road they are going down; the Greedy Mothers.”

Obama Claus 

Instead of throwing out all of the illegals in this country and saving billions in the long run; Obama Claus is requesting 2 billion dollars from congress to deal with the disastrous position the USA is in dealing with the fence jumpers.


I would take a calculated guess and say; if congress does not dance to Claus’s tune he will impose executive order just as his has becoming very infamous for.

Eating humble pie

Rob Ford the notorious Mayor of Toronto is crawling back to work after a month in rehab. Let us see just how long the big fella can stay straight. He has a long running history of stay straight for at least 3 or 4 hours at a time.


I wish the guy good luck. He probably can do a stellar job as mayor if he stays away from the dope and the booze.

Mirror, mirror on the all wall, who is the guiltiest of them all?

The “Spring Legged Guy” Oscar seems to be fighting a losing battle in the South African public opinion as well as in the courts.


The only people that believe the preposterous insanity plea that he and his ambulance chaser conjured up are he and his ambulance chaser.

Notice the snots coming out of his nose; probably contrived too?

Naughty Nanny:

Some idiot 23 year old nanny locked two kid in a car in Portland, Ore, in 90 degree heat while she was tanning in a local tanning salon. What the hell does she have between her ears other than that blond hair?


When one of the cops pulled the kids out, he said the kids were completely drenched with sweat and he could feel the heat in the kid’s body through his body armor.

Cops: Toddler’s Mom Also Researched Car Deaths:

This pair of child killers should go back in time to France when the guillotine was still in use. Strap them in the harness for about a day or two in the hot sun not knowing when the blade would come down to severe their mindless heads from their useless bodies.

Prior to the scum-bag of a man locking his son in the car for 7 hours, he researched the internet on how to kill a kid. It appears that his demented wife did the same.

Don’t go where you don’t belong:

I can’t feel too much sympathy for the two American citizens that went to North Korea on a tour and were locked up in prison for spying.

Didn’t these people know that NK is one of the most hostile areas of the world right now? I wonder who their travel agent was, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Obama to promote fixing bridges, highways:

This must be a giant typo. You mean to tell me that Obama is going to try and repair some of the crumbling infrastructure here in the USA instead of giving the money to some foreign country. It is about time.

UN: More than 2,400 killed in Iraq in June:

So much for the loss of life and financial dilemma the USA put itself into trying to civilize these people. Best of all, they are killing each-other in the name of god. Figure that one out.

Ex-French president Sarkozy detained in corruption probe:

French media reports say Sarkozy is being questioned in an investigation into financing for his 2007 presidential campaign.

As we well know, American politicians do not have a lock on corruption in political office. Crooks in politics is universal and France is no exception.

It is no wonder that so many people want to get into the political circus. Where else can a person sit on their duff all day long in front of a microphone arguing with your constituents over nothing like kids in kindergarten, have access to inside information, abuse the 5th amendment when questioned about any impropriety, have no accountability for mistakes they make, work as little as 4 days a week, vote in their your own pay raises and benefits, retire with a full pension after serving a short time in office with millions in the bank, pass a law that their pay doesn’t get cut off if the government shuts down, get paid big money for such a poor performance?


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