What about the Commander and Chief???

What Are ‘Handsome’ Mug Shot Guy’s Real Prospects for a Modeling Career?


This doesn’t surprise me. The pattern appears to be that the more someone f—ks up in these liberal times the more popular they become. It seems that in many circumstances bad asses with unacceptable behavior, celebs as well as the “normal people” are richly rewarded instead of being chastised and ostracized.
He’s got the perfect pout, but can a convicted felon really make money off his good looks?
Jeremy Meeks — known widely as the “hot mug shot guy” — might actually have a chance in the modeling industry, but probably not a career, according to a director at one of New York’s top agencies.

Maybe someone should inform the dummy director at the modeling agency that the tear drop under the left eye of Jerry Baby indicates that he has “made his bones” by killing someone.

If the tear drop doesn’t bother the director, possibly the he will fix Jerry up with his daughter. He would make a hell of a son in-law. When he has sleep overs with the bosses daughter, the boss better sleep with one eye open or Jerry may have to get another tear drop tattooed on his kisser.

If the modeling media is  looking for someone to push into a modeling career they don’t have to look any further. This guy really has the look!!!!

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