Let them jump

Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier funding approved:

SAN FRANCISCO — The Golden Gate Bridge moved a big step closer to getting a suicide barrier after bridge officials on Friday approved a $76 million funding package for a net system that would prevent people from jumping to their deaths.

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The original cost to construct the entire bridge that opened in 1937 was 27 million dollars. Now to put up a safety net to help prevent the “suicide squad” from taking a dive it is going to cost 2.81 times more than the original construction.

I say “put the $ 76,000,000.00 to better use and let the jumpers have at it. Maybe clean up some of the slums in San Francisco.

It always amazes me; no matter how broke or destitute a city, state or government is, they always find a way to come up with the soldi for their pet projects.

Usually when a person is that unstable that they have enough guts to commit suicide, if they are stopped, there is a good chance they are going to find another way to end it all or take someone else with them.

It is not the jump that kills them when they take the 220′ plunge it is the sudden stop when they hit the water. So far, 10 people beat the odds when they took the leap.


Lets face it, if someone is that despondent that they want to end it all a 76 million dollar safety net won’t stop them.

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