Here we go again

Obama seeks $500M to train, equip Syrian rebels:

Just when the USA is supposedly taking steps to pull out of Afghanistan completely and get some relief in the financial department; Obama is seeking a 500 million dollar hand-out for Syria. Do these politicians really know the value of a dollar?? It doesn’t appear that way to me.

It just doesn’t add up that the “Stone Broke” USA has anointed itself as the savior for every country on the planet.

I understand the complexity of dealing with the terrorism threat around the world; what I don’t understand the manner in which the USA is dealing with it. The only rules in a fight is that there are no rules, except winning at any cost.

If we have the capability of reading the license number on a car from 250 mile up, I am sure we can pinpoint where the bad guys are hiding. Scope out the terrorists, zero in on them, send in a guided missile and put an end to these “games of  your-it” once and for all.

If our enemies, no matter who they are, knew that the USA was going to take off their Lilly white gloves and were going to fight a war the way it should be fought, you can rest assured that in a month or less the USA would get back the respect back we deserves and our adversaries would know that we were in it to win.

Our country has been shamed in every war we have fought since the Korean war because the politicians ran the show instead of the military.

With the USA sending money and advisers to Syria; it is the exact same way we have been sucked into every war we have been in for as long as I can remember.

Do the advisers we send into these countries have a sign on their backs saying” don’t shoot me, I am an adviser?” Mark my word, there will be American casualties in Syria.

I say either we engage the enemy to win using all the technology available to us and not play a game of tag or we do not get involved at all.

It is still my contention that there are some very wealthy people in this country making big money or benefiting in some manner when we engage in these long drawn-out wars.

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