Put away the crying towel

John Boehner May Sue Obama Over Use Of Executive Actions:

I don’t know what Boehner is always crying about, one politician is as bad as another.

What we have here is a case of the “pot calling the kettle black.”


The Speaker of the House from Ohio is thinking of suing Obama for excessive use of the “executive order privilege”; a loop hole in all of the presidents’ bag of tricks that they use when they want to push an issue through right away or go around congress. In layman’s terms it is called “dirty pool.”

Personally I think this privilege should be abolished because no one person should have that much authority. Having that much power can literally make the president into a dictator. And??

The objection I have with Boehner suing Obama is twofold. Does he really think he is going to win the suit against the prez and secondly, who is going to pay the high priced ambulance chasers? Naturally it will go on the taxpayers’ tab. Boehner certainly is not going to pay for it out his pocket.

Save the taxpayers some money Boehner, go back to doing nothing and put away the crying towel. I am sure there are many more pressing issues that need attention than suing the prez that can keep you busy for awhile.


We still only have a 13% congressional approval rating in this country. That should be a big indicator that the American people are not pleased with the job any of you are doing. You think??

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