Two wealthy politicians crying poor mouth

Hillary Clinton Stumbles From ‘Dead Broke’ to ‘Not Truly Well Off’

Hillary claimed that when she and Wild Bill left the White House they were “stone broke”, a comment she later tried to reverse. She even made it with a straight face.

Some of the politicians lie so much they don’t know how to tell the truth. Silence used to be golden.

Joe “Blabber mouth” Biden also has the crying towel out. He and his wife made $407,000.00 last year. That is not chump change. He said he doesn’t have any money in the bank but he can “live very well off of his pension and government substitutes when he retires.” My heart bleed for the poor guy. Joe has made a very good living off of the tax payers for many years.

It was an old rule of thumb years ago “if you don’t have anything intelligent to say, keep your mouth shut.”  There are a hell of a lot of politicians that obviously never heard that cliche.

I knew a guy very well years ago that had a saying; “the son of a bitch has a loaf of bread under each arm and they are still complaining.” Se la scarpa si adatta, metterlo su (if the shoe fits put it on).

To me it is pathetic when someone that is as well off as they both are are crying the money blues. It shows a total lack of class, ignorance and insincerity.

To the general public this lack of sincerity means nothing.

I will go out on a limb and predict; if something catastrophic doesn’t happen before 2016 we are going to see another Clinton in the White House, only this one will be wearing short pants instead of long trousers.

The foolish people that put Obama in the driver seat for the second term are the same ones that are going to vote for Hillary.

The republicans dropped the ball years ago and will not recover the fumble for many years to come.

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