It really doesn’t matter

Benghazi Suspect Captured by US Special Forces:

The Obama administration is beating their chest over the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala, for his key role in the Benghazi killings. He really looks like a guy you want to invite for dinner and introduce to the family.

To start with it took two years to catch this guy; who in the meantime was not sitting on his hands doing nothing. I am sure he carved a few more notches in the handle of his gun while he was on the run.

Capturing guys like Khattala falls into the same category on the significance chart as getting Saddam and Bin Laden; all it really amounted to were bragging rights.

There are millions of terrorists just like them waiting in the wings for the next king pin to get captured or killed so they can step into their bloody shoes.

Did the wars in the Middle East change that dramatically when Saddam and Bin Laden were captured? The answer is absolutely not it only got worse.

I remember a story I was told by one of the Old Salty Marines that fought at the “Frozen Chosen” in Korea. He said “those gookes kept coming and coming over the hill attacking us; we were mowing them down with machine gun fire but they never quit coming”.


The USA can keep spending billions of dollars and losing countless lives chasing these guys around the globe and it is all for nothing. They will keep coming and coming.

Our government has spent trillions of dollars, lost thousands of live and thousands of our military people have been permanently disabled fighting the “Middle East Gooks” but the keep coming and coming and will never quit.

The same thing applies to all the other terrorists; kill 20 of them and 1000 are inducted into their hall of shame the very same day.

What the real kicker is; the USA is harboring 100’s if not 1000’s of the terrorists within our own boarders that are sympathizers with their brother terrorists and we are not taking action against them because the USA does not want to abuse their rights.

This is an all-out war with these people whether it is in the Middle East or in the USA. The only rules of combat should be “there are no rules except”; win by any means and at any cost. Leave the politicians out of it.

I heard an interview with a seasoned combat solider the other day and he repeated the same thing I have been saying for years; “fight a war like a war”. Don’t throw someone into these combat situations and put them in a strait jacket.

One situation that sticks out in my mind on just how out of touch some of our military leaders are. It is when they agreed not to have our people carry loaded weapons on one of the bases in the Middle East and consequently a dozen of our people were gunned down.

Who in their right mind would agree to such an irresponsible, dangerous concession? No one but an idiot or a traitor. Were there any consequences for the idiot that agreed to that? Absolutely not.

I can-not believe that any military leader could be so inept to make a concession like that. The politicians should stay completely out of the “war room” and leave it up to the seasoned generals to fight the wars.

There is some conversation that Obama rounded up all the “top military brass” and put it to them. Either they were totally dedicated to him and his war fighting methods or they were shown the door. What does Obama or most of his people know anything about fighting a war?

It should be mandatory that any presidential candidate should have served at least 4 years in the military so they have a vague idea what the “boys are up against”.

Not only is the USA going around the world everywhere we don’t belong to defend people that hate us; on top of that we are kissing their governments’ asses because we don’t want them pissed off at us. In turn we are making a mockery of our own country.

As far as I am concerned these “oil rich countries” that we are fighting for should at least pay us for all of our expenses and reimburse all of the families of the killed and injured for their losses.

My suggestion would be to take all of the fighting forces we have chasing these bad guys around the world, bring them home and fortify all our own boarders so no one can enter this country that does not belong here. A good defense is sometimes better than a strong offense.

Next; round up everyone that is not a citizen of this country regardless of race or nationality and deport them. That in its self would clean up this country and its potential dangers from within dramatically.

I don’t really know if most of our leaders have any idea or really care just how serious the threat to the USA is? All they know is; if the government shuts down their pay won’t stop!!!!!!!

Side note:

If you really want to ruin your day take a look at the real time national debt clock. I don’t see anyone that seems to be concerned. It doesn’t seem to bother the politicians; they keep spending like drunk sailors.


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