No “snow-job” for Snowdon

Edward Snowdon has been called both a hero and a traitor; depending on who you talk to it may be a little of each.

I still think that what Snowdon did has been more positive for the country than negative by exposing many of the underhanded tactics the government uses on a daily basis.

The people in Washington that are throwing stones at this guy are the same people that have a 78% disapproval rating. What does that tell you??

Snowdon served in many capacities while he was “still employed” by the Uncle Sam. During his employment in these various positions he witnessed many improprieties in the way the government was operating and even brought these issues to the attention of his superiors. The answer he received from his superiors was “mind your business and leave a sleep dog lie.”


After a long period of time, the patriotic Snowdon saw he was “pissing up a rope” so he decided to take matters into his own hands and blow the whistle on the government and going public for what he considered their misdeeds.

Quote from Snowdon: “The reality is, the situation determined that this needed to be told to the public. The Constitution of the United States had been violated on a massive scale.” “Now, had that not happened, had the government not gone too far and overreached, we wouldn’t be in a situation where whistle-blowers were necessary.”

The U.S. government, Snowden said, is using the threat of terrorism “to justify programs that have never been shown to keep us safe but cost us liberties and freedoms that we don’t need to give up and our Constitution says we shouldn’t give up.”

Among the people he contacted was the NSA’s general counsel office to report his findings.  “I reported that there were real problems with the way the NSA was interpreting its legal authorities,” Snowden said. “And the response, more or less, in bureaucratic language was, ‘you should stop asking questions.'”

Based on what the public knows about the politicians in DC and how they manage their affairs and more so on what we don’t know about them, I think it was necessary for someone to step up to the plate, spill the beans and do the patriotic thing to shake up the system.

I don’t see anyone of these  arrogant DC Duds changing their mode of operation anytime soon. This is just another in the long line of political and security blunders that will go down in the history books.

If the guys that wore the wigs who put together the constitution could see how their handy-work  is twisted and manipulated by our current leaders to suit their own needs, they would roll over in the graves.


Some people may have called them traitors for the stand they were taking against English rule; today they are considered heroes, patriots and role-models in the eyes of the American people

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