Cold hard facts; sometime the truth hurts.

Cold hard facts; sometime the truth hurts.

When I started blogging a couple of years ago I made it a point not to take sides on issues but to “tell it like it is” and let the cards fall where they may.

I don’t side with the conservatives, liberals, black or white people. I am not a democrat nor republican but a patriotic American who loves his country and is very disturbed by the deplorable moral direction it has taken in the last 20 – 30 years and getting worse by the day.

Inch at a time, foot at a time, yard at a time, mile at a time our country’s morality has eroded to a pathetic state of its once illustrious past where honor, dignity, patriotism, responsibility and respect for our-self and others were orders of the day.

Many of our parents crossed the pond from the old country and brought invaluable customs and values with them that instilled in their kids. Some were passed on verbally and others at the end of a paddle, broom stick, by hand or whatever else our parents could get their hands on.

Growing up under those circumstances in the 40’s and 50’s sometimes was not the easiest thing to do. Back-hands, kicks in the ass and slaps were commonplace and sometime a good beating if they were in a bad mood or thought the infraction was bad enough.

At the time we didn’t know it, our parents were doing us a big favor by instilling all of their old school ideology in us to keep us on the straight and narrow. My old man used to say “this hurts me more than you” although I never believed him.

In turn, many of us that were brought up under the “iron fist” passed some of what we learned on to our kids but always wanted our kids to have a better life than we did. That was where the problems originated, over indulging them.

In comes the drugs, unwed mothers, irresponsible guys that knocked up the young girls and disappear, liberal sex, piss poor role models including some of our presidents, priests, scout leaders, teachers and so on. What the hell are the kids today learning from theses supposed role models with all of this reckless behavior?

Meanwhile the ultra-liberals that have perpetuated this type of behavior are sitting there with their thumbs where the sun doesn’t shine blaming all of this harmful activity on everyone else but themselves.

The modern liberal parent in today’s society have no clue on how to raise kids; the proof is in the pudding.  They first want to be friends with the kids and then parents; secondly many of them are too busy with their personal lives to care about their kids. Many of the parents smoke dope with their kids, drink with them, join them in sex parties because they still want to be 17 years old.

Many of the celebrities are the worst example of role-models for the younger people that idolize them.  All of their antics and lyrics are totally unfounded.  It is all in done the name of popularity, fame and money. As soon as their popularity starts to dwindle they do something outrageous to get their names in the spot lights.  It seems that many of them are trying their best to out-due one another, no matter what is takes. The more pathetic their behavior is the noted the become.

All of the promiscuity in the disgraceful in videos, movies, television and in video games is resulting in the erosion of all of the values this country once had. As a consequence the drug related crimes and violence in this country is totally out of hand and there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems that there are mass killings more and more frequent, drugs are totally out of control and free-young-sex  is of an epidemic proportion. I have yet to hear anyone of authority make any reference to EDUCATION as a means to prevention.

There is a very big problem in all of the communities in the USA but more-so in the black community. The crime rate with the young black men is at an all time high. Some statistics state that the murder rate in the black community is 10 times what it is elsewhere.

Nearly none of their leaders want to setup to the plate and take any responsibility except exceptional people like Bill Cosby and a handful of other black stand up citizens, to express the necessity of education. Some of these leaders want to keep their people pissed off and uneducated so they continue to support their comfortable lifestyles.

Education is THE ONLY WAY out of this dilemma for all Americans regardless of race or nationality.

Instead of our government pissing our money away in countries that turn their backs on us every chance they get, only after they have drained our coffers, our so called leaders should make a concerted effort to put some of that money and effort toward educating our kids out of the quagmire they are in.

Bill O’Reilly took the bull by the horns and got right to the root of the problem in this attached video.

I don’t always agree with everything O’Reilly says but in this case he is absolutely right.

If the black community ever wants to put a stop or slow down the crime rate in their community they have to start yesterday EDUCATING their kids with some old school and family values the old timers were brought up with.

Education on drugs, sex, responsibility, respect and accountability are the corner stones of any successful society. These are the values that are missing in many of our kids today. Whose fault is it; naturally their “part time” parents.

Do I think it will ever happen? No, but it is wishful thinking.

This is the United States of America where all men are created equal. Whatever anyone of us USA citizens does, regardless if we are black, white, yellow or green, good or bad it is a reflection on all the others, like it or not.

Let all the leaders of this country regardless of political or ethnicity band together and start educating the leaders of tomorrow before it is too late. We may have passed ground zero already. They have to quit worrying about feathering their own nests and work to help the younger people that look up to them.

I admire O’Reilly for his comments.  In life it is very easy to bury  your head in the sand and pretend these conditions do not exist but that will never resolve them. I takes a lot of back-bone and guts to be a leader and speak the truth, even if the truth hurts.

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