Families destroyed by the VA


If and when the greedy, self-centered, avaricious, acquisitive, covetous, grasping, materialistic, mercenary, possessive; informalmoney-grubbing, money-grabbing, people get convicted for their selfless roles in their diabolical contrived scheme to boost their bonus check by falsifying appointment records, they should have this and other stories like it implanted in their brains surgically so they replay every minute of the day. 

You noticed I have If in bold letters for a very good reason. Take one guess. 

When viewing the video make sure you take note of when the man went to the eye doctor because his glasses were broke and they told him to put Duck Tape on them. Do they have balls or not??????????????

I don’t know who these people at the top think they are bull-shitting, they most certainly had to be a very big part of this travesty. The grunts (foot soldiers) in the field do not make decisions like this because it would not help them financially. Only the TOP DOGS reap the profits.

Let us all hope that the people that were effected by this and their families are compensated well for their losses. With any degree of luck someone will be assigned the top position in the Veterans Administration that will clean house and run the operation as it should be. Hang on a minute I am gagging, I have something stuck in my throat. I forgot who makes the assignments.






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