Cop caught choking his chicken

Hot off of the presses at Huffington Post

If this report would not have come from such a credible source such as the Huffington Post, I may question its authenticity. Stories like this are too outrageous to make up.

Cop Allegedly Caught Masturbating In Starbucks:

With all of the crazy stories in the news, when you think you have heard it all, up jumps the devil or something else.

This “Horney Toad” of a cop Benito Gonzalez Junior is not a rookie that just got out of puberty or recently graduated from the academy, he is a Lieutenant, a seasoned cop in the Camden, New Jersey police department, or at least he was.

Image                                               Image

On May 7, he went into Starbucks and ordered a coffee. Benito walked over to an empty table, pulled down his shorts, sat down and commenced “choking his chicken” while stirring his latte. All of this was witnessed by some very shocked customers sitting close by.

Image                                       Image

Needless to say this exhibitionist of a cops lewd activities didn’t go over too well with the customers and the coffee shops owner. He was asked to leave immediately and was arrested shortly thereafter.

What an embarrassment for his family. When interviewed the about his unusual activities Benito told the reporter “no comment but I do have a handle on his probelm.”

So much or calling a cop when you have a problem. His problem is probably worse than yours.

I goes without saying that “Benito the Beast” was relieved from duty and his career in law enforcement has COME to a screeching halt. .

If you happen to run across Benito in some strip joint and he wants to shake hands, I would decline if I were you. You never know!!!




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