Should have read his fortune before going to work

Body Found in Fortune Cookie Dough Mixer Identified:

So you and the family want to go to One Hung Low’s for dinner tonight. Buyer beware!
If are lucky enough to escape the “meow cries” coming from the kitchen that is a plus.

You survived the dinner, washed it down with some hot tea, the bill comes on the little tray accompanied by the fortune cookies.

Through the years many people have played the numbers on the little piece of paper in the cookie and won the lottery. That is a good thing.


There is a down side to eating  those crispy little cookies; you really don’t have any idea on what they are made of.

In Harris County near Houston, Texas cops were called to the Wonton Food Company where they witness a big lump in the cookie batter. Upon further investigation they pulled the body of a worker name Elmer Oscar Barrera that was in the giant mixing bowl. A quick on the spot examination determined that Elmer’s cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries but the ruled an accident.

How can multiple blunt force injuries be considered an accident? Either someone beat the hell out of Oscar and threw him the mixing bowl or he fell in the bowl and the mixer’s paddles did a job on him.

The decision of whether  the mixture was going to be disposed of has not yet been decided.  That amount of  batter is enough to make 4 million cookies.


A word to the wise. If you feel something unusual in your mouth the next time you chomp down on the crispy little cookie, you may be masticating on a body part of Oscar that they missed in their clean up.

Houston police told ABC News that there was no reason to suspect foul play in the case. Come on guys, you just don’t want to do the paper work.

I guess that it would be safe to say that Oscar didn’t read his fortune cookie before he went to work.

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