Phillip Knowland of the NBA

Amid Donald Sterling Scandal, the Clippers Unite:

Maybe there is a leper colony in India that will take Sterling in. He sure as hell doesn’t have any friends in the USA.

I haven’t hear ONE person come forward and say “Well at least he is s good guy, even if he is a racist.”

This guy has had to make at least one friend in his life that would go to the hoop for him. If so they are sure keeping a low profile. At one time or another he had to put a quarter in some street persons cup. Maybe not.

Top 10 reasons Donny should have learned never talk to some poon tang with a tape recorder.
1.   Never trust a broad that keeps saying “speak up honey I can’t hear you.”
2.   Try and remember how old you are and act your age.
3.   Should have stayed home with the Mrs.
4.   Money can’t ALWAYS buy everything
5.   Keep your opinion to yourself
6.   The bimbo only loves you for your $$$$$$$
7.   If she is screwing you, she is screwing someone else.
8.   The best booty is at home
9.   You really don’t have any true friends
10. Don’t shit where you eat

Philip Knowland was fictional sailor that got pissed off at the USA and said, “Damn the United States! I wish I may never hear of the United States again!” From that time forward Phil was exiled for life and was transferred from ship to ship never setting foot on US soil for the rest of his life.

Same thing with Donny. He said he did want his “trim” to bring any black people to his games. His punishment was never to set foot in any NBA basketball arena and completely exiled from the sport.

Another Billionaire named Donny said it right. Donny Trump weighed in on the alleged racist comments from Clippers owner Donald Sterling over the weekend, condemning the comments but also calling the woman involved in the conversation “the girlfriend from hell.” I think Trump is a little bit of an expert when it comes to girlfriends.

There has to be more to the story than what we see. Donny S had to piss off his “schiaff broad” for some reason and I believe that all of this was a “get back” on the old man. My I say a very costly one.

The best thing Donny can do is crawl home on bended knee and beg forgiveness from his wife. She probably was his best friend and didn’t know it.

Possibly the Mrs. will let him sleep in the garage. With all of his soldi I am sure that it is air-conditioned.

What the hell does this old jock want anyway? He had a pretty wife that loved him, she didn’t have any axe to grind and she didn’t know how to use a tape recorder. He wasn’t smart enough to stick with what he had. Plus she even put a smile on the dried up kisser of his. Now take a look at the other happy couple. Must have been an action packed game. I wonder if there were any black people there?????????

agg              ak

Donny and his “trim” get the funghi face of the year award.

az                         al

Looks a little like them, huh?


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