Bashar the Butcher runs again

Despite All The Bloodshed, Bashar Assad Still Wants To Be President

Where is this butcher going to hide if he wasn’t the “King Pin” in his country?

It has been recorded that the Bashar “the butcher” has killed more than 150,000 people and displaced more than 3 million since he began his rampage.


Why does he want to continue to be president they ask? In his country as president the guy is relatively safe. If he were to ever be dethroned he would have no place to go and nowhere to hide.

As it stands now he has a safe haven. If he ever left the protection of his office, if his own people didn’t lynch him the international courts would certainly bring him up on charges. There absolutely enough evidence against the guy to do a “Judge Roy Bean” (the hanging judge) on him.


With Assad on the ballot the Syrian people can rest assured that this election will strictly be on the up and up!!  Get me a glass of water, I am choking.


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