Thou shall not steal from your parishoners’

Atlanta residents object to planned priests’ home:

Whatever happened to the vow of poverty taken by the boys in black when they were sworn i?

I have said it before and I will say it again. Where else can a man get a job that furnishes a maid, cook, house-keeper, allowance, car and free room and board except the priesthood?

It seems that the parishioners’ in this Atlanta parish are a little hot under the holy collar regarding how and where their priests spend their hard earned money.

It can be that these men of the cloth took a course in politics before they were “sworn in” as dispensers of the holy word. Both occupations suffer from affulenza it seems.

Residents are objecting to the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s plans to renovate a house in an upscale neighborhood so it can be a home for a group of priests.


The “Catholic crib” in question is the place where Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s once lived. Earlier this month, Gregory said he would sell a $2.2 million mansion after parishioners complained it wasn’t in line with the tone of austerity Pope Francis has set. No kidding! He had to have the pope tell him that. Hellooooooooo. Gregory still lives in the mansion but plans to move. The Archbishop is sells the house but is selling it to a bunch of priests. Still affluenza.

It has to be very hypocritical on the parishes’ part to have their priests to stand on the altar every Sunday mornings begging the “right handers” to fill the collection basket so they can maintain their high fashion life styles.

I wonder if these guys have a car pool or do they all have their own Caddy?

The area in question is a historic neighborhood zoned for single-family homes. The parish is trying to create a church annex (annex or wealthy bachelor’s pad) in a neighborhood where such structures are not allowed, and that it should have obtained a special-use permit but did not.

Some of the amenities that will be added to the 2.2 million dollar mansion to make it “livable” for the priests include a chapel, bar, exercise room and other trinkets totaling about $292,000.00.

Not a bad lifestyle for guys that took the vow of poverty. No-one expects the priests to live in poverty but where does it say that they should live better than their parishioners’?

It is too bad that there always are a few non-conformists in every walk of life that make their constituents look bad.  The Catholics have had their back against the wall for many years now. I would think they the would want to be flying under the radar instead of flaunting their life styles.


I don’t know if it is a very bad case of poor judgment or if they are committing the sin “thou shall not steal from the parish?”  I will take door # 2.



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