Hawaii’s men in blue “don’t take our perks away”

Hawaii law allows undercover police officers to have sex with prostitutes:

The lines to  join the police academy in Hawaii are loaded these days with men trying to become one of the “Boys in Blue”. They have fringe benefits that no other state has.

It seems there is a law on the book in the “Land of Pineapples” that give cops an exemption to have sex with prostitutes in order to gather evidence. Tough job. They claim they don’t want to be called “under-cover” for nothing.

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I most other states as long and the money is transferred from the “John” to the “Hooker” that in itself constitutes breaking the law but not with Don Ho and his crew; they like (excuse the pun) like getting into their work!

It appears the “Hawaiian Fuzz” are going above and beyond the call of duty by coercing some women who have retired from the game of prostitution into giving  sexual favors to keep from being arrested or harassed. Who can the ladies of the night complain to? It almost sounds like Mexico.

Take a dose of salt peter you horny lads and give the ladies a rest.


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